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Miguel Delgado,MD-Marin County Facelift Specialist
Miguel Delgado,MD-Marin County Facelift Specialist

A Comparison Of Facelifts And Other Skin Procedures

Facelifts are the most commonly thought of skin surgery. These treatments have been around for years and as a result, they are well known and well-studied. All the potential side effects and recovery issues have been studied extensively and are easily listed and planned for. However, there are alternatives to cosmetic  facelift surgery and before you commit to a treatment you should understand your alternatives.


Plastic surgery Facelifts in Marin County patients are potentially the most invasive choice of skin refreshing treatment. This is because they are the only surgical option on this list. They require a general anesthetic, which can cause issues for some people, and involve an incision of varying size around your earlobe. The cosmetic and plastic surgeon then pulls your facial skin tighter across your face and reattaches it at the incision point.

Facelifts, however, also offer the most dramatic results of any skin treatment. There are different levels of facelifts, but there is no question that if you get a traditional facelift treatment you will see far more dramatic results than you can in a single session of laser skin treatment or IPL. Therefore, with facelifts you have to decide if the invasiveness of the procedure is worth it for the results.  Dr Miguel Delgado is a facelift specialist and can give you expert advice.

Facelift photos- Before and after photos and 10 years LATER.
Facelift photos- Before and after photos and 10 years LATER.


Laser skin treatments are another popular choice for skin treatments. In these treatments, a laser removes the upper layers of your skin, allowing the younger, newer skin to show. This is an accelerated version of what your body does naturally, and by accelerating the amount of skin that is removed at once, the appearance of wrinkles is greatly diminished.


Laser skin treatment recovery periods are similar to the recovery period for facelifts rejuvenation in Marin County. There will be redness and swelling for several weeks to several months and the skin will be incredibly delicate for most of that time. This is because the tender underneath layers of skin are being exposed to the light and air and require careful tending until they adjust.


IPL, or intense pulsed light, is another, newer form of skin care treatment. In this treatment, intense bursts of light are shot through the skin of the face or hands at extremely high speeds, triggering the release of collagen from deep inside the skin tissue. This causes the skin to become more elastic and removes the damage the skin has taken from years of sun exposure.


The recovery period for IPL is practically nonexistent. This is an incredibly low-impact treatment and many people go straight from this treatment back to their jobs. It is also an incredibly fast treatment, and many people take this treatment on their lunch hours. However, it is not as immediately effective as laser skin treatments or plastic surgery, and it will take several visits to see maximum results.

Below is a video of Janet and her Facelift over a 6 month period.  This is the short version.


Whatever skin treatment you choose, it’s advisable to know the benefits and drawbacks of your options.

Dr. Delgado has been serving Marin County, California since 1988

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